Monday, September 4, 2017

Sticky Note Planner Spead

Hi everyone! It's time for my Monday Planner Post.
This week I used mostly sticky note page flags for the main decoration in my Recollections Planner.

I came across a bunch of clearance sticky notes at Micheals and picked them up, so I decided to do a spread with mostly sticky notes. I love how it came out!
I trimmed the tops off the pineapples for full boxes and used the pink and gold dot looking ones for trackers.
I cut the flags into strips and used some for headers and created the weekend banner by layering several together.
I used a couple different washi tapes and that fun Tsum Tsum washi for the bottom.
To finish, I added Tsum Tsum deco stickers and used several different phrase stickers from various MAMBI sticker books.

I hope you all liked my weekly spread in my planner and thanks for visiting!
Have a great day!

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