Monday, December 6, 2010

Homemade Bows

Good morning everyone! I wanted to make some homemade bows and remembered doing these back in July. I found the tutorial at Passionately Artistic I used back then and can be found here. I know there are alot of different bows out there but I really like these and they are SUPER SIMPLE to make. No fancy tools, just a paper cutter, paper, glue, hole punch, and brads. I did modify mine just a little....instead of doing each layer on a brad separately and then assembling it all with glue dots, I put all of mine on one brad including the center loop. They hold together alot better this way. The big blue one is out of plain cardstock that I inked white on the edges. The big red and pink one is out of double sided cardstock. The small ones I actually cut the sizes in half and came up with these 2 variations. The red one has only 3 layers and is out of plain cardstock and the blue one has all the layers and I did this one out of light weight pattern paper. The pattern paper didn't cut so well when you get to the end of the paper and also it looks funny with the white on the inside, but it was alot easier to assemble the small ones out of it. So if they look like fun, give them a try. They really are pretty and it would be easy to personalize a special gift.


PinkBlingCrafter said...

Love them I have to try them now thanks for the inpiration:)Thank you for visiting my blog on the Snowy Winter Hop:)Good luck on winning some goodies:)

girlia said...

Awww these bows are really cute GiGi

My time to scrap !!! :-} said...

so cute i want to grap my scraps and make some bows, thanx for sharing